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 ===== Status ===== ===== Status =====
 To date the 120 switches have arrived and been tested (all are working). To date the 120 switches have arrived and been tested (all are working).
 +===== Functions =====
 +  * LCD display (~120+ chars?, multiline?) to display info/​data/​feedback [UX]
 +  * Password-store with small search/​selection possibility (via display) [Security]
 +  * opt/​next-gen:​ Smart-card reader for off-device gpg store and decryption [Security]
 +  * opt: yubikey use possibility (gpg-agent) [Security]
 +  * opt2: multi-step unlock (unlock passphrase gpg card with passphrase for actual data decrypt card [Security], (potentially)[MFA]
 +  * Switch: encrypted USB stream to host (requires linux driver, preshared key exchange via LCD/Host) [Security]
 +  * Fuzzing: do not directly send key-strokes,​ but add randomized delay to stream to work against person identification via key-stroke patterns [Privacy]
 +  * Sending random keystring lengthX [UX] / creation of new password
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